Atlanta Gas Light Company – Your Natural Gas Choices In GA

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Atlanta Gas Light Company – Your Natural Gas Choices In GA

Atlanta Gas Light Company is gas rates georgia largest natural-gas utility. It provides gas services for more than 1.6 million customers. They are part of parent company AGL Resources, and have been in operation since.

Your Gas Choices in GA

Georgia’s natural gas market is unregulated, meaning that you are able to choose your energy supplier. This is achieved through a process called supply-side competition. You are able to choose the provider who will provide your gas. The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) regulates this procedure. Choose Energy, a new marketplace for energy was created by the PSC to assist you in navigating this new market.

Your Natural Gas Bill in Georgia

According to the PSC the average residential natural gas bill in Georgia for a household is 717 therms per annum. This is determined by how much gas you use and the price your natural gas supplier charges for each therm of gas that you purchase.

It is best to compare rates between different suppliers to determine the cost of your Georgia natural gas bill. You can do this by contacting your current gas company or by using an online comparison tool like Electric Choice.

Your Gas Choices in GA

Checking to see if your service area provides deregulation is the initial step in choosing the Georgia natural gas supplier. If you are, then you can shop around and select your gas provider from the list of certified natural gas marketers.

These are companies that have been approved by the PSC for natural gas sales in Georgia. They are allowed to offer affordable prices to their client base, and they can offer a variety of plans that will meet your budget and needs.

You’ll want to look at what kinds of plans the company offers, such as fixed-rate plans which offer the same rate for a predetermined length of time. Plans with variable rates are available that change in accordance with the market price.

When you’re comparing Georgia natural gas prices it is important to consider the kind of plan that will best suit your lifestyle and budget. You should also think about whether you qualify for a senior discount on your gas bill.

Senior citizens could be eligible for a reduction on their gas bills by enrolling into natural gas plans with a lower cost. You can do this by examining the requirements of your marketer and talking to them about how they can change to a better plan for you.

Your Gas Choices in GA

With the natural gas market being deregulated in Georgia and Georgia, you can search for the most competitive natural gas prices available. It can be a confusing procedure but it will allow you to save money on your energy bills. You can use a free comparison tool like Electric Choice to find the best supplier for your Georgia home or business, and you can even find out more about Georgia’s natural gas industry that is not regulated.

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