Know more before selling a house in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Ultimate Guide to Finding Distressed Properties for Wholesaling

Know more before selling a house in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Selling a home may be very stressful, especially if done alone. The brokers may need to be seen daily, more money may need to be paid to expedite their job, and extensive repairs may need to be made before the house can be sold. A fortune for the vendors can be spent just on that. PurchRock, on the other hand, offers the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island region’s property sellers an easier and quicker way to sell their properties, providing the answers to all of the issues.

Motives for selling the home

  • Family-related factors, like moving
  • Issues between a married couple that result in separation
  • Extreme renovations and repairs are necessary
  • Large-scale loss or destruction brought on by a fire, a flood, or another natural disaster
  • Financial difficulties that force the sale of the home
  • Property not in use and is vacated for a long time

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Why should one sell their home to PunchRock?

  • Workers and customers who are trustworthy, diligent, and honest.
  • There is absolutely no ambiguity since they close faster.
  • A hassle-free process that serves as a helpful intermediary for the vendors.
  • They maintain their buyers’ trust by being open and honest with them.
  • The cash price being provided is reasonable and comes without any inclination on the side of the buyer to make a profit.
  • Local professionals possess all necessary information and understanding of the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island region.
  • Since no real estate agents, brokers, or other representatives are involved, the seller is protected from paying any unnecessary commissions to them.
  • Houses purchased “as is” – PunchRock purchases houses that do not need any form of repairs or modifications. They purchase the homes as-is from the sellers.

The entire complicated matter of selling a home can be resolved by taking a few easy actions to get in touch with PunchRock immediately, such as filling out the form or giving them a call. After evaluating the property that will be sold, they make a reasonable cash offer, and once the date is closed at the seller’s request, the cash sum is credited.

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